Iontophoresis Machines

Sweating is a vital body process that purpose in cooling and regulating the body temperature. However, discomfort may result due to excessive sweating. Sweating occurs in the entirety of body parts mostly being armpit, feet, and hands. Hyperhidrosis, the medical condition of excessive sweating threatens the quality of life. This particular condition results in profuse sweating estimated to be five times more than the average sweat. It unpredictably comes, and it is not environmentally inclined. Medically, the condition is said to result from the rapid reaction of sweat glands. Normal existence is disrupted, discomfort follows, and inferior feeling follows.

This condition is stressful, but the right part of it is that it can be combated. There are several ways that have proven to work in mitigating and stopping the excessive sweating. Extra protection antiperspirants usage and exercising several lifestyle changes have been noted to reduce sweating to quantified rates. The most effective method to combat the threat of excessive sweating is the use of iontophoresis machine. It entails using a dedicated iontophoresis machine with a pure tap water. The device with the tap water is utilized to pass a safe, an electrical current that is painless to the body parts where excessive sweating occurs. What follows is a real reduction of sweating in the treatment locations.

Iontophoresis machine usage has proven to work. It has been used over the ages. It is an efficient method to treat hyperhidrosis. It is a hugely successful strategy to combat excessive sweating. As far as this process is of great merit, it cannot be exclusively used by everyone. The patient who is to use this method should not be pregnant or be victims of heart attack. Children who are below the age of five should never have this technique dispensed on them. Tumor and thrombosis patients should never apply this as it may worsen their condition.

Iontophoresis is a simple method to treat excessive sweating as it can be administered without external assistance. It has a user friendly control panel that is linked to treatment electrodes. Electrodes that are specially designed to treat the hands and feet are large plates while those used to treat armpit are small. The moment an individual treat the areas under siege of sweat, the control panel is activated to produce regulated small current. This particular mild current enters the body across the treatment parts and forth to the machine. Finally, the user switches to maintenance regime once the sweating stop.
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